Trash Magnet (Rank 2)Edit

One of the crucial lessons for survival is simple: Use whatever comes to hand. Bone Gnawers that know this Gift use one of the most common things to come to hand in the streets, that is, garbage. Upon using this Gift, a specific target is buried beneath rubbish and litter. A garbage-spirit teaches this Gift, though rat-spirits teach a similar Gift using sewer flotsam instead of trash.


The player rolls Charisma + Streetwise, difficulty 7. Each success dredges up a portion of any surrounding garbage and hurls it onto the Bone Gnawer's target, adding +1 difficulty to all rolls that target makes until he spends a turn dragging himself free. If five successes were gained, the target is effectively buried. Note that this Gift only moves trash, it doesn't create it. If a fight were to occur in an open courtyard, then the Storyteller might limit the number of successes possible to one or two. In a sterile laboratory, he could disallow it.

Source: Player's Guide to Garou

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