Touch of the Eel (Rank Three)Edit

The Black Spiral Ragabash releases a current of electricity through conductive materials nearby. If he is touched in any way during the use of this talent, the assailant receives an even greater shock.

Only a ragabash has the patience and deviance to learn this Gift. With the assistance of a servitor of its Bane-totem, the Black Spiral must capture an electricity elemental. In most urban environments, this may take several hours. The dancer then torments, taunts, and tortures the spirit until it offers him this Gift. Alternatively, the ragabash might have to survive a Dance of Endurance involving electricity.


The Gift burns one point of Rage. The resultant charge can carry up to 30 yards if transmitted through the proper conductor. At a distance, it does three dice of damage (difficulty 7 to soak); by touch, it does four dice.

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