Touch of Rage (Rank 4) Edit

Using this Gift, an Ahroun can channel a portion of her Rage to another, be the beneficiary Garou, human or animal. In the former case, the effect is fairly mundane, lending an ally strength in combat; in the latter, it grants an awesome and destructive quality to beings that do not normally possess such.

On a social level, this Gift can be a potent source of inspiration (and instigation) as well - while Rage is an intensely visceral and difficult-to-control quality, it also bestows the ability to feel righteous anger at corruption and injustice - a faculty many humans have lost in the quiet apathy of the World of Darkness. A fury-spirit teaches this Gift.

System Edit

The Ahroun spends one Willpower, or two if bestowing Rage on a mortal. He then expends a number of temporary Rage points, and the target gains them and may spend them normally. Once any points above the target’s normal maximum Rage (zero for humans) are spent, they are gone for good barring a second use of this Gift. This Gift cannot grant Rage to Mages, ghosts or other kinds of supernatural beings that do not already possess Rage. Spirits already have a Rage Trait, but can receive the temporary points to use to gain extra actions in combat as Garou do.

Source: Book of Auspices