Totem Form (Rank Five)Edit

This powerful Gift allows a Black Spiral to take on the appearance -- and much of the power -- of her pack's Bane totem. For instance, a Dancer sworn to the Dark Fungus might sprout slime molds and toadstools in place of fur, radiating a cloud of hallucinogenic spores, while a bastard of the Green Dragon might swell into a draconian war form the equal of any Mokole.

This Gift is only taught by the pack's totem spirit, and only to the Dancer who shows the most promise. Some packmates have been known to horribly maim one another in the process of proving who is worthy to learn this Gift.


The Dancer must spend a point of Willpower and roll Stamina + Primal Urge (difficulty 7) to make the shift. It takes a full turn to transform, although the form lasts the duration of the scene. The Storyteller must best adjudicate the appearance and abilities of the totem form; for instance, one of Hakaken's bastards might radiate fear so intense that opponents have to make Willpower rolls just to act against him, much less confront him. The results, of course, should always be impressive.