Tongues (Rank 3) Edit

The world grows even smaller in the Last Days, and the Garou do their battle in further flung locations than ever before. While those who would seek to fight the Wyrm in foreign lands should still practice their Español (or whatever) for speaking, this Gift at least gives them a chance to blend in reasonably well without effort. Many Galliards also employ the Gift to decipher ancient texts that they may encounter.

For the Corax, they may read and write any human language she encounters, including language and script. A wind-spirit teaches the Gift.


The player spends one Willpower point and then rolls Intelligence + Linguistics. Difficulty is determined by the relative age of the language. Modern French would be difficulty 4, old Gaelic difficulty 7, and something truly obscure would be difficulty 10. The more successes gained, the more fluent the character will be. All effects last one scene. The Gift works strictly on mundane human languages; it will not decipher other Shapeshifter glyphs or Hunter code, for example.

In the case of Corax, this ability lasts until the next sunrise.

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