Tommy's New Trick (Rank 1) Edit

While one of the Wise Guys favorite gun Gifts (Trick Shot, rediscovered from the Iron Riders by Gianluigi Lucci) eventually leaked to the whole tribe, this one may well go with them to their grave. This Gift ensures that when spraying bullets from an automatic gun, not a single bullet misses its target. A bird spirit (though never a pigeon) teaches this Gift.

Glass Walkers of the Wise Guys camp can learn this Gift.

System Edit

The player spends one point of Gnosis and makes a standard Dexterity + Firearms roll to make a spray attack. However, the standard +2 difficulty does not apply. Before the attack is resolved, the Wise Guy may spend one Willpower point to turn one failed die into a success, and this may be repeated until all dice are considered successes. The only exception to this is if the roll is a botch, in which case no Willpower may be spent and every bullet misses their target by exactly an inch.

In addition, not one bullet is left at the scene, nor will any bullet hit anything but the Wise Guy's opponents. This Gift cannot be used on a single enemy; the attack must be a spray involving at least two targets.

Source: Glass Walkers Tribebook Revised