Tireless Running (Rank 1) Edit

Young Silent Striders quickly learn the need for extraordinary speed and stamina - often the messages that even untested youths are asked to carry cannot wait for the message bearer to sleep or eat. A Garou with this Gift can run from moonrise to moonrise subsisting on nothing more than her spiritual energy, crossing almost four hundred miles, but as soon as she breaks her run she must eat and rest. This Gift is taught by a wolf-spirit.

System Edit

The player spends one Gnosis point. The character (who must be in Lupus form) may long run for twenty-four hours without the player making a Stamina roll. After twenty-four hours, and each twenty-four hour period thereafter, the player must spend one point of Gnosis and one point of Willpower to allow the character to continue running; otherwise, she must stop. Whenever the character stops running, for whatever reason, she suffers -2 dice to all pools until she has a chance to eat and rest, unless she has run a number of hours that is less than her Stamina.

Source: Silent Striders Tribebook Revised