The Usual Suspects (Rank 3) Edit

The wary Ragabash often wants to keep tabs on others, whether to know the location of a wandering cub or trail a suspicious government agent. The Usual Suspects allows the user to know the general whereabouts of several subjects at any time. Owl-spirits or urban spirits of Wisdom teach this Gift.

System Edit

The Ragabash can keep tabs on a number of individuals equal to her Gnosis rating. To choose a target, the New Moon must either have an unobstructed view or have a strong scent trail of the target and make a Gnosis roll (difficulty 7). Thereafter, by spending a Gnosis point and concentrating for three turns (the player rolls Perception + Enigmas, difficulty 8 for physical beings or Gnosis rating for spirits) the Ragabash can sense the general location of the target. Successes increase accuracy; one success would give "Southwest, a mile or two away," while five would allow "Southsouthwest, 1.3 miles, on the porch of his house." If the Garou already has a maximum number of targets saved, she must "lose" one before acquiring another.

Source: Book of Auspices

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