The Silken Cloth (Rank 4)Edit

This Gift takes its name from an ancient Stargazer tradition. It's believe that those who are not shapechangers cannot enter the Mirror Lands of the Umbra because they are impure. They do not have a kernel of the celestial substance of cosmos within them, as the Garou and the other Fera do. But many Stargazers still wished to show mortals (or others unable to access the Umbra) the hidden truths and puzzles found only in the Mirror Lands. Once, Stargazers could purify others with a silken cloth, rubbing them with it, so that they may enter the Umbra together. Now, that ability has been made into a Gift. This Gift lets a Stargazer bring one other human (or otherwise Umbra-banned individual) with her when she Steps Sideways. This Gift is taught by an Engling.


The player must make two stepping sideways rolls: one for the Stargazer, and one for her "guest." However, the Stargazer must spend one Gnosis point for the guest to come through with her. If the roll to bring her guest across botches, the poor soul is lost somewhere in the Umbra - even someplace as horrible as the Abyss or the Atrocity Realm.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook Revised