The Cleaving Hoof (Rank 3) Edit

Unicorn’s powerful hoof blows often killed the humans that hunted him. This gift allows the Garou to focus inner strength into a single blow, ending a fight before further harm can take place. A Unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift.

System Edit

The player spends a Gnosis point before rolling to hit. If he successfully strikes his opponent, the dice gained from Strength in his damage pool count as automatic successes rather than dice. Dice in the damage pool gained from weapons, claw damage or extra successes on the attack roll must be rolled as usual.

For example, a werewolf with Strength 5 uses this Gift before successfully clawing an opponent; his damage pool works out to be 9 dice (5 for Strength, +1 for the claw maneuver, +3 for three additional successes on the attack roll). The player rolls four damage dice, adding any successes (or subtracting in the case of rolling ones) to the five automatic successes on the damage roll. The defender may soak as usual.

Source: Children of Gaia Tribebook Revised

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