Summon the Chu-Mong (Rank 4)Edit

A long time ago, the Stargazers of Tibet made a pact with an ancient tribe of mountain spirits called the Chu-Mong (snow goblins). The pact was one of mutual protection, and a Stargazer using this Gift can reawaken the usefulness of the pact, at least temporarily. It summons the spirit of a Chu-Mong to help protect the Stargazer in question. Only a Chu-Mong can teach this Gift.


The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls the Stargazer's Gnosis. The difficulty isn't the area's Gauntlet - the difficulty is actually reliant upon the temperature. The warmer the temperature, the harder it is to summon a Chu-Mong.

Temperature Difficulty
Below 0 degrees F 5
0-32 degrees F 6
32-49 degrees F 7
49-65 degrees F 8
65-80 degrees F 9
Above 80 degrees F 10

Botching the roll summons a snow goblin that is hostile toward the Stargazer using the Gift.

Snow Goblin (Chu-Mong)

A Chu-Mong is a small creature (like a primate in size and appearance) covered in fine white hair with long claws and a lower-jaw needled with yellow fangs.

Willpower 8, Rage 5, Gnosis 6, Essence 20
Charms: Airt Sense, Materialize, Freeze

Source: Stargazers Tribebook Revised