Storm of Mother's Wrath (Rank 5) Edit

When the Black Furies take up arms to destroy an enemy of Gaia, they are like unto a force of nature. Should a pack of Bacchantes include one with Storm of Mother's Wrath, they nearly become a force of nature. The Fury wielding this Gift causes a fearful dark hailstorm to erupt, even out of a clear sky; the pack of Bacchantes, however, are not inconvenienced by the storm, and can move around and fight in it without difficulty. Signs of such a hailstorm in the area tends to be a red flag to Wyrm creatures, who know that a pack of Furies must be involved in a desperate fight; they may move to join in, or they may wait in ambush outside of the storm. A Mammatus, a Wyld-spirit of the air, teaches this Gift.

Black Furies of the Bacchantes camp can learn this Gift.

System Edit

Spend a point of Gnosis and roll Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7). The storm has a 100-meter diameter and a duration of one minute. Every success on the roll extends the storm's diameter by 100 meters, and extends its duration by 1 minute. Physical beings caught within the storm - humans, Garou, fomori, and materialized spirits - take a 3-die penalty to all physical dice pools. The exception to this is the pack of the character responsible for the storm; that group receives no penalty. Humans react to the storm as though faced with the Delirium; most will attempt to flee its fury. The storm cannot be generated indoors or underground, and its effects will not penetrate solid walls (thought the pelting hail can and does break glass windows).

Source: Black Furies Tribebook Revised