Spirit Ward (Rank 4) Edit

A werewolf with this Gift may protect himself from spirits by performing a quick warding rite. To use this Gift, the werewolf draws an invisible pictogram in the air that scares and unnerves any nearby spirits (except pack totems or caern spirits). The symbol travels with the werewolf as long as it lasts. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

Bubasti Bastet may learn this at Rank 2.

By employing the eldritch enigmas of Egypt, a Bubasti can wall an area off from spirit-traffic. No spirit can move in or out of the warded place without the cat's permission. Naturally, the stronger chaya can shred this barrier like papyrus; still, the wisest werecats can erect stronger barriers than their youngers can...

System Edit

The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Rituals (difficulty 7). Spirits within 100 feet of the character (again, except the pack totem or local caern spirits) must subtract one from their dice pools for each success. This Gift lasts for one scene.

Bastet System

By spending a Gnosis point and rolling her Willpower against difficulty 8, the Bubasti erects a barrier across an area no larger than 30 feet by 30 feet. Each success the player rolls raises the Gauntlet around the area by 1 (maximum 10), and extends it so that the barrier exists in both the material and Penumbral worlds. This irritates the spirits, and they can often tell who's to blame. The Ward lasts one day per point of Gnosis in the cat's permanent pool, unless the spirit destroys it, which a chaya can do by rolling its Rage against the new Gauntlet rating. Three successes or more will turn the Ward to spirit-dust.

Other terms for this gift are: Spirit Barrier

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