Spirit Loan (Rank 2) Edit

In extreme circumstances, a Moon-Daughter may find that another Garou has far more use for one of her Gifts than she does. To this end, Gaian spirits have shown the Daughters how to lend one of their Gifts to another werewolf for a limited duration. The Black Fury who uses this Gift feels somewhat bereft of Gaia's love and attention while another Gift has been loaned, but suffers no other ill effects. This Gift is taught by a Hen-spirit.

System Edit

Roll Charisma + Occult (difficulty of the recipient's Rage). Success allows the Fury to loan a single Rank 1 Gift to another Garou for a set period of time, to a maximum of three days per success. When that time is up (or if either the lender or receiver dies) the Gift returns to the lender. While the Gift has been lent out, the lender has no access to it and for all intents and purposes does not know it. The recipient uses the Gift as thought she had learned it herself from the appropriate spirit: she uses her own dice pools for success, and spends her own Gnosis, Rage, or Willpower to activate it. A Black Fury can lend one Gift out at a time, although there is no limit to the number of "loaned" Gifts a person may receive at any one time. She may loan out Gifts that ordinarily cannot be taught (for instance, she might loan a non-Black Fury the Amazons of Diana's True Shot Gift), though if her tribemates discover her "indiscretion," the social consequences might be dire. A Fury cannot use Spirit Loan to lend out Spirit Loan.

Source: Black Furies Tribebook Revised