Song of the Siren (Rank 4)Edit

The sound of the Garou's voice can entrance anyone who hears it. Typically, the Garou sings or howls while using this Gift, although some modern Glass Walkers have taken to poetry recital. This Gift can make an opponent pause before a fight but can rarely stop a heated combat already in progress. A Songbird-spirit teaches this Gift.

Garou of the Black Furies tribe may learn this Gift at Rank 3.


The player rolls Charisma + Performance versus the target's Willpower and spends one Gnosis point. Enchanted targets cannot perform any actions for a number of turns equal to the number of successes rolled. The audience can spend Willpower to overcome the enchanting effects; to act freely, a listener must spend one point for each of the Galliard's successes.

Source: 2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guide