Silent Strider VersionEdit

Silence (Rank 1) Edit

The Garou can muffle any sound she makes, the better to creep up on an enemy or escape unnoticed. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift.

System Edit

The player rolls Dexterity + Stealth. Each success adds one to others' difficulty to hear the Garou for one scene.

Source: 3rd ed WWtA Corebook

Ragabash VersionEdit

Silence (Rank 3) Edit

With this, the Garou can completely silence an area around him so that no sound can be heard whatsoever, from a whisper to a bomb going off. A Snake-spirit teaches this Gift.

System Edit

The player spends two Gnosis points and rolls Manipulation + Stealth (difficulty 8). Each success affects a radius area of five yards radius per success. Any Gifts which require the use of sound, such as Clap of Thunder, require the user to make a resisted Gnosis roll (difficulty 6). The winner's Gift takes precedence.

Source: 1st ed Werewolf Player's Guide

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