Shadowplay (Rank 4)Edit

The Theurge breathes life into her shadow, which can then perform tasks for her. The shadow moves about independently with the same abilities as its creator. The Theurge's emissary can cause lifesaving distractions, pick up remote objects and even fight battles.

Bubasti Bastet may learn this Gift at Rank 4.

System Edit

To activate the shadow, the player must roll Dexterity + Enigmas (difficulty 8) and spend one Gnosis point. The Theurge must act out the doings of her shadow by making "shadow puppets" with her hands. No light need be present for the shadow to be active. In all respects besides appearance, the shadow maintains the same Traits and Abilities as the Garou. The werewolf cannot create multiple shadows. The shadow can operate out of sight of the Garou; its range is ten yards per success.

Unlike the werewolf Gift, the Bubasti does not have to mimic the shadow’s movements; once free, it can go about its business as if it were a perfect duplicate of the Bastet. Also unlike the Garou Gift, some light must be present to cast the shadow in the first place.

Source: 2nd ed WWtA Player's Guide, Bastet Breedbook