Serpent-Driving (Rank 4) Edit

The touch of Unicorn's horn sets evil spirits and poisonous beasts to flight. This Gift enables the Child of Gaia to mimic Unicorn's power, driving foul creatures out of water, underbrush, and so on. It is a more powerful ability of Unicorn's horn, and Unicorn himself teaches this Gift.

System Edit

The Garou touches his hand or forehead to the water, into the alleyway, or into whatever area he suspects of harboring enemies. He then rolls Gnosis, with the difficulty being 4 for ordinary animals such as snakes, 6 for lesser Wyrm creatures (such as fomori), 8 for Wyrm-servitors of strong power (such as Black Spiral Dancers) and 10 for powerful creatures of the Wyrm. For each success, one such creature is forced to abandon its hiding place or nest by the most direct route possible. If the Wyrm-creatures were using any supernatural means of concealment (such as Gifts or Disciplines), they may make a Willpower test, difficulty of the Garou's Gnosis, to maintain these powers. They must still physically leave the area, however. Note that this Gift may cause the creatures to attack and is thus best used with care. Serpent-Driving may be used only once per game session.

Source: Children of Gaia Tribebook Revised