Sense Guilt (Rank 2)Edit

This Gift is particularly popular among the Hand of Tyr camp, but is by no means limited to them alone. By staring into the eyes of his chosen target, the Get can sense any deep-seated guilt that she might harbor for past offenses. The more perceptive the Fenrir, the more detail he's able to discern. This Gift is taught by a crow-spirit.


The player rolls Perception + Empathy, difficulty 8. One success detects the presence or absence of regret. Three successes reveal general facts about the offense in question; an adulterer might project a sense of "betraying my wife" into the Get's mind. Five successes reveal specific facts about the matter; the Get could pick out the adulterer's partner's name, the time and place of the indiscretion, and possibly even more intimate facts.

Note, however, that this Gift requires personal feelings of guilt to work. If a Fenrir were to use this Gift on a vampire that regularly feeds on young children and kills them afterward, the Gift would work only if the vampire feels guilty about its sins. If the Leech felt that it was perfectly justified in its actions, the Fenrir would be able to detect nothing. Similarly, the Gift might lead its user to believe a person's crimes are worse than they are, if the subject feels guiltier than the offenses merit - although with enough successes, the Fenrir might be able to discern that the subject's shame is misplaced.

Source: Get of Fenris Tribebook Revised, 2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guide

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