Seeking the Void (Rank 4)Edit

The spoken mantra for this Gift is Aum-Ha-Sa-Kha-Prem. The Umbra, also called the Mirror Lands, is a void empty of true matter and built of little more than the ephemeral whorls of spirit substance. Many Garou are reliant upon hard travel within the Umbra. They must find their destination and get to it via moon paths or sniffing out spirit tracks. Stargazers using this Gift have a somewhat easier time getting somewhere in the Mirror Lands - provided that another Garou or spirit is already there. Using this Gift takes the werewolf directly to the location of the chosen individual, no matter where they are at that moment. The Stargazer must be in the Umbra to use this Gift. It is taught by a shadow-spirit.

This Gift is a Mantra Gift of the Stargazers.


The Stargazer utilizing this Gift must speak the mantra while actually in the Umbra. She also must have with her some piece of the Garou she's "traveling" to, usually a part of the werewolf's body (a tuft of hair, a tooth, a claw) or one of the Garou's possessions (a weapon, an article of clothing). In the case of traveling to a specific spirit, the Stargazer can only travel to spirits she has literally battled with. (Though "battled" can be a battle of wits and intelligence, and doesn't necessarily need to be a combative conflict.) The player then rolls Wits + Enigmas. The difficulty for the roll is reliant upon the location of the target individual. If the target is in the Penumbra, it's difficulty 6. If the target is in the Near Umbra, difficulty 7. In the Deep Umbra, difficulty 8. And finally, in the Dark Umbra, difficulty 9.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook Revised