Scale of Ma'at (Rank 3) Edit

The Halls of Ma'at are where the dead go to be judged; the liars, cheaters and murders are denied eternal life. The Silent Striders can invoke the judgment of Ma'at on the living, seeing through lies to find the ugly truth beneath. This Gift is taught by an ibis-spirit, the symbol of Thoth.

System Edit

The player rolls Intelligence + Empathy (difficulty of the subject's Manipulation + Subterfuge). Success indicates that the character knows which of the subject's statements are true, and which are false. If the character chooses to delve more deeply into any statement, true or false, the player must first succeed at a Perception + Empathy roll against the same difficulty. Success unveils the complete truth to the Garou; a botch ends this use of the Gift, and closes this topic to the Strider forever - at least when questioning this individual.

Other terms for this Gift are: Eyes of Ma'at (1st ed Striders Tribebook)

Sources: Silent Striders Tribebook 1st ed & Revised