Road Ward (Rank 2) Edit

You've been tossed out of just about everywhere. Now the spirits help you survive falls that would cripple just about anyone else. Leaping out of a car on the freeway is a minor inconvenience. Getting pushed off a building is a bitch. Either way, this Gift can still reduce the damage from the fall. As a side effect, for one scene after you activate the Road Ward, you'll always land on your feet. Wanderlust-spirits teach this Gift.

System Edit

Any use of this Gift requires one Willpower and a Stamina + Survival roll (difficulty 6); you can immediately activate this Gift before you hit the ground. Falling out of a car moving up to 75 mph requires one success; every additional 25 mph requires an additional success. If you succeed, you take no damage and roll to a stop. Falling off a building reduces the damage by one story for each success. As a side effect, Road Ward cancels the Ahroun Gift: Falling Touch, as well as any trip attempt or leg sweep; it can be activated in response to any of those attacks.

Other terms for this Gift are: Ward of the Road (Bone Gnawers Tribebook 1st ed)

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Revised

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