Replenishment of the FleshEdit

(Level Two) The Ananasi cannot regenerate as other Ovid do, but they can restore flesh through the use of their blood pool. However, this Gift provides the Damhan with another option. The werespider can summon spiders and insects into her body, assimilating the mass of these creatures into himself to heal the wounds. Insects do not survive the process; they are simply eaten. In the case of spiders, the creatures merely become another part of the Ananasi, replacing the spiders destroyed when the werespider was wounded.

Though the Ananasi keep this aspect of the Gift very secret, human flesh works just as well to mend wounds. The meat must be fresh, uncooked and consumed orally in order to provide healing.


The character may take no other actions while using this Gift. The arachnid flesh devoured in this process becomes a part of the werespider, as does the human flesh. Unfortunately for the human donors, they seldom live through the proess. The player need make no rolls for this Gift, but must spend one Gnosis point per health level regenerated if human or spider flesh is consumed; if the character devours other insects, she must expend two Gnosis per health level regenerated. While the spiders and other insects do come when summoned, location makes a difference. It may well take hours to get enough insects together to heal grievous wounds. The werespider cannot summon humans with this Gift; she must make do with any that are handy (and that she can readily overpower).