Rend (Rank 2) Edit

The Furies of myth did not use swords or axes to destroy the enemies of the Gods; the Black Furies of old did not use weapons to slay enemies of Gaia. They used teeth and claws, and sheer animal might. While many Bacchantes certainly do use the tribe's ritual labrys and bow, and others carry klaives and other fetish weapons, when they frenzy they most often fight with their natural weapons. Even out of frenzy, the Bacchantes recognize the intimidation factor of rending a foe with fang and claw, and many revel in its primal nature. Rend allows the Bacchantes to rip through substances that they could not ordinarily pierce, and do as much damage with their natural weapon as another might with a human's sword. This Gift is taught - sometimes to great comic effect - by a wine-spirit.

Black Furies of the Bacchantes camp can learn this Gift.

System Edit

Spend 1 Rage and roll Strength + Primal-Urge (difficulty 6). For each success, the Fury gains the ability to rip through tough substances for one turn. When wearing any of the three "war-forms" (Glabro, Crinos, or Hispo) and using hand-to-hand maneuvers, the character ignores the first three dice of the target's soak pool - the target rolls three fewer dice to soak. This ability to pierce defenses also applies to inanimate objects such as walls and doors, making it considerably harder to hide from Black Furies inside buildings or underground. In the case that a given object does not have a soak or armor rating, treat the Fury's Strength as being three higher for purposes of the Feat of Strength needed to rip through the object.

Successful uses of Rend to destroy a wall, door, or enemy add 3 dice to the Fury's next Intimidation roll against those who saw her do so.

Source: Black Furies Tribebook Revised