Recycle (Rank 4)Edit

Red Talons who possess this powerful Gift can destroy any man-made substance. Plastics, alloys and any other material not found in nature disintegrate with just a touch. Lawn chairs dissolve into oily puddles and steel melts into iron and carbon.

The Cockroach-spirit, which has witnessed the humans' secret creation rites, knows the Gifts that can dissolve almost anything.


The Garou must touch the material for the Gift to work. Only materials that science has manufactured are viable targets. For instance, a wooden chair would be unaffected, whereas a plastic chair would melt to the ground. The Garou then must roll her Rage against a difficulty determined by the item's complexity. The difficulty ranges from iron (difficulty 6) and ordinary plastics (difficulty 7) to rare and complex metal alloys (difficulty 9). Every success reduces five pounds of the target material to its base components.

Source: 2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guide