Reason's Grasp (Rank 2)Edit

The Silver Fangs took up many burdens when they accepted the leadership role for the Garou Nation. One of the hardest of these to bear is the propensity towards Harano and the mental disabilities that beset members of the tribe. However, the spirits took pity upon the tribe members who were suffering and failing at a time of need, so they sent a Firebird spirit to teach them this Gift. Reason's Grasp allows a Silver Fang to free herself temporarily of Harano or mental illness. It can also protect against any sanity-altering attack, be it from a spirit, Wyrm creature, vampire, mage or demon. Examples of such attacks include the Galliard Gift: Head Games, the Malkavian Dementation Discipline and invasive uses of Mind magick.


The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Willpower (difficulty 7). The character can ignore the effects of all mental disabilities for a number of scenes equal to the number of successes rolled. Alternatively, each success may reduce by one the number of successes scored on a roll to affect the character's sanity made by an outside agency. Should the unfortunate player botch this roll at any point, the werewolf's dementia runs out of control, completely dominating the character's thought proces for 24 hours.

Other terms for this Gift are: Reason (1st ed SFangs Tribebook)

Source: 1st ed & Silver Fangs Tribebook Revised