Rant and Rave (Rank 3) Edit

Suffused with the pure energy of the Wyld, the user of this Gift rants and raves in a torrent of nonsensical language. Only others who are properly attuned to his magic silver-hammer disco ball dimension can penetrate his tinfoil hat. More precisely, any member of his pack or the Bone Gnawer tribe can decode whatever nonsense he is saying. He can also project these thoughts at a distance to one listener; the ranting Garou chooses which individual receives his psychic transmission.

The listener does not have to actually hear the ranting Garou. As long as he's within the same city, or even the same state or province, there's a chance he'll receive the message. (Unlike the Gift: Mindspeak, line of sight is not always required.) Ranting Bone Gnawers have been known to hold entire conversations from opposite sides of the same city, taking turns shouting violent imprecations to no one in particular. A Wyldling-spirit teaches this Gift.

System Edit

The ranting Garou spends one Gnosis for each werewolf he wants to receive his secret message; the duration is one scene. Each one of these targets must either be a member of his pack or a Bone Gnawer. (This is allowable if he's temporarily joined a pack with the Bone Gnawer Gift: Tagalong.) Roll the ranter's Appearance + Expressions (difficulty 6); the number of successes limits how far away his recipient can be.

Successes Range
One Line of sight (as per Mindspeak)
Two Same building
Three Same city block
Four Same city
Five Same state or province

For Wyld reasons no one can understand, the most powerful application of this Gift actually does have a longer range in Texas or Alaska than in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, or Vermont. Bone Gnawer Deserters have gone on epic Umbral quests to deduce the reason why, but have never returned with any sufficiently logical answer.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Revised

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