Rampage (Rank 2)Edit

No Winter Garou have yet learned this Gift, and only the older Red Talons who had a hand in the Winter Council know it. This Gift, meant as a last resort, allows the user to smash stone, rend metal, and generally destroy any man-made object within reach. A wolverine-spirit teaches this Gift.

Red Talons of the Winter Packs camp learn this Gift.


The player spends two Rage points and rolls to check for frenzy. If the Garou frenzies, the Gift activates and the werewolf gains three extra dice on any Strength roll to break, throw, crush, or lift inanimate objects. These dice cannot be used for direct damage to an opponent. The effects of the Gift last for one scene, during which the Garou attacks whatever is within reach, excluding her own packmates (regardless of her comparative Rage and Gnosis scores).

Source: Red Talons Tribebook Revised