Pure Identity (Rank 2)Edit

As Purify Scent allows the Lightbringer to mask his tribe, breed and auspice, so this Gift allows her to mask her race. She may appear as a vampire or changeling, or even as a hunter or a normal human. In shifted form, she may appear as a Black Spiral Dancer, and perhaps even as a fomor of some sort. This Gift is taught by a chameleon-spirit.

Only few Shadow Lords from the Bringers of Light camp learn this Gift.


The Lightbringer spends three Gnosis, and remains masked for one full day. If scrutinized carefully, the Garou must make an opposed Manipulation + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 8) against the opponent's Perception + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 8) to maintain the deception.

Source: Shadow Lords Tribebook Revised