Prey's Cry (Rank 1)Edit

With this Gift, the Talon may emit a cry for help designed to lead a human into an ambush. In years past, the Talons would use this Gift to mimic the death-cry of a deer or a similar animal, since many humans still hunted their own food. In recent years, since most humans wouldn't know how to kill a wounded animal if their lives depended on it, the Talons use Prey's Cry to imitate the call of a favored pet or another human. A Raven-spirit teaches this Gift.

Red Talons of the Lodge of the Predator Kings camp learn this Gift.


The player rolls Wits + Expression. The difficulty varies on how complex the imitated sound is. An animal's call such as a dog whining in pain or a rabbit's death-scream would only be difficulty 5. Imitating a human cry is difficulty 7, while imitating something more specific - "the voice of a young girl" or "a human soldier calling for help" would raise the difficulty to 9. The Red Talon need not actually have heard a human soldier before (for example), but if he uses this Gift successfully, nearby humans will hear a soldier yelling for help.

Source: Red Talons Tribebook Revised