(Level Four) This Gift lets the Ananasi create a special coating that keeps objects in a form of stasis until the character needs them again. The object appears to have a soft, silky cocoon around it, preventing it from being damaged by outside forces, Fire, physical force, even the ravages of time are kept out by this delicate weave. Only the Ananasi who wove the cocoon can open it without special occult knowledge.


The character must expend one blood point and roll Wits + Rituals (difficulty 8) to create this weave. The Ananasi can cover a single object of up to his Gnosis rating in square feet. The coating keeps the enclosed object in stasis, keeping meat and other items fresh, and even maintaining living things in a coma-like slumber. The effect lasts until the cocoon is broken; the exact means of cracking the cocoon are up to the Storyteller, but only supernatural power has a chance of success.