Piping (Rank 5) Edit

In times of great need, an elder can issue a call to his tribe that echoes through the Umbra of an entire city. First, hordes of spirits appear before him in the spirit world. They then swarm out to find everyone of the same tribe. Bone Gnawers use this Gift more than any other tribe, usually relying on hordes of rat-spirits to find all their hidden brothers and sisters. The tribalists don't need to answer the call, but the spirit can relay a brief message exhorting the Garou to aid her brothers and sisters. Using this Gift for a trivial purpose may cost the Garou temporary Honor.

System Edit

Piping works like the Gift: Call of the Wyld, but it stretches across an entire city and only works on Bone Gnawers.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Revised

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