Pin the Eagle's Wing (Rank 3) Edit

Known as Lleu's Spear (Werewolf: The Dark Ages) by the Welsh Fianna (who claim to have discovered it), a Fianna with this Gift can throw a spear as far as an arrow and sink it deep into its target. Spirited Fianna can even pierce heavy doors or strike a foe on a high rooftop - or pierce a Leech's putrid heart. Ancestor-spirits teach this Gift.

System Edit

The Fianna must concentrate on the weapon for one full turn and make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8). She then spends a variable number of Gnosis points. Each Gnosis grants two additional dice, which can be split between the attack roll and damage roll. Dice may also be used to increase the spear's flight distance (20 yards per die allocated). The Gift doesn't work with any other weapon, even a thrust spear - only a thrown spear.

Source: Fianna Tribebook Revised