Phantasm (Rank 4) Edit

Twisting the fibers of illusion, the Ceilican create majestic nonsense to baffle and entertain their companions - or horrors to torment their enemies. This secret obviously comes from forbidden faerie lore, and can be quite powerful in the hands of a cat with an active imagination. The Garou creates an unmoving illusion that contains visual, auditory, olfactory and even tactile elements. A grain-spirit - the so-called "spirit of spirits" - teaches this Gift.

System Edit

The player spends one Gnosis for each 10-foot area to be covered by the illusion and then rolls Intelligence + Expression. Anyone who doubts the illusion must roll Perception + Alertness and exceed the Garou's successes in order to see through it.
To cast a Phantasm, the player rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge and spends a Willpower point. The resulting illusion lasts for one scene unless the cat chooses to dismiss it, and can extend through an area roughly 10 feet square. Simple illusions are easy; the more complex the trick, the harder it is to perform. Although the illusions have no solid form, a casual witness might be fooled into believing that a Phantasm was real.
Ceilican Bastet gain access to this Gift at Rank 3.
Illusion Complexity
Successes Effects
1 Minor Lights and Noises
2 Coherent and recognizable images or sounds
3 Complex, interweaving images and sounds
4 Vivid Multisenseory Hallucinations
5 Indistinguishable from the real thing without examination
Illusion Difficulty
Effect Difficulty
Complex pattern of light or sound (object, conversation) 7
Complex moving pattern (a person speaking) 8
Complex active pattern (a person walking, speaking, responding) 9
Complex active multi-pattern (group of people speaking, moving, reacting or all three) 10

Other terms for this gift are: Veil of Maya

Source: 3rd ed WWtA Corebook, Bastet Breedbook