Paper Butterfly (Rank 1)Edit

Ancient court magicians of the Chinese emperor were able to conjure a cloud of paper butterflies out of thin air. Stargazers who have mastered this trick use it to create a mood of tranquility, or can use them to distract an opponent. This Gift is taught, appropriately enough, by a butterfly or moth-spirit.


The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Performance (difficulty 6). A flock of fluttering butterflies (a dozen per success) made of varying colors of paper appears in the air around the Stargazer's head. The butterflies may be instructed to head in any direction (up to a number of yards equal to the werewolf's Willpower score). If the Stargazer is using this Gift as a distraction to an opponent, the butterflies take one turn to reach the opponent. The successes on the roll to activate the Gift subtract successes away from the next non-reflexive roll the opponent attempts to make. This happens on a two-to-one basis, however. Every success on the roll to activate the Gift subtracts two successes from the opponent's. (In other words, if the Stargazer scores three successes, it can take away a full six successes from the opponent's roll if able.) If the Stargazer has successes left over, they can apply to the opponent's next action next turn.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook Revised