Pain of the Land (Rank 4)Edit

The Dying Cubs often take the fight to the Wyrm by waging battle in already tainted locales. This often weakens the Garou, but this Gift evens the odds somewhat. Taught by an earth elemental, Pain of the Land makes the werewolf even more deadly when fighting on tainted ground. She fights as though the putrescence of the corrupted land, be it a landfill, a factory, or simply a city spurs her on and feeds her Rage every second of the battle.

Red Talons of the Dying Cubs camp learn this Gift.


Once learned, this Gift is always active. During combat, the difficulties on all attack and damage rolls decrease depending on the level of Wyrm-taint in the area. Fighting in a large city might decrease such difficulties by one, whereas fighting in a Black Spiral Hive would be worth a -3 to combat difficulties. Note that this Gift does not decrease soak difficulties, nor does it aid in using Gifts not directly related to attack or damage (so while the Ahroun Gift: Falling Touch would receive the benefit, the Philodox Gift: Weak Arm would not).

Source: Red Talons Tribebook Revised