On Patrol (Rank 2) Edit

This Gift extends the duration and range of Scent of the True Form or Sense the Unnatural; the Garou needn't have either one of those Gifts before learning this one, but this Gift is useless without them. Bone Gnawers who hang out on strategically chosen street corners have a chance to sniff out supernatural creatures in the neighborhood. Using the Gift takes about an hour. During that time, if a Wyrm-tainted creature passes within about a city block, there's a chance the werewolf will pick up his scent. Galliards use this Gift while performing on street corners; Ragabash do the same thing while begging for change. Lost-dog spirits teach this Gift.

System Edit

Spend one Gnosis and roll Stamina + Occult (difficulty 6). The effects last for one hour and extend for a city block. (In the wilderness, the range depends on the Garou's sense of smell.) Alternatively, a Garou with Pulse of the Invisible can use it with On Patrol to watch activity in the Penumbra, even while hanging out in the physical world. As one would expect, a Bone Gnawer sitting on a street corner reacting to stuff that isn't really there looks like he's strung-out, drunk, stoned or insane. Even while "chemically enhanced," he can still sense the taint of the Wyrm around him.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Revised

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