Mother's Touch (Rank 1) Edit

The Garou is able to heal the wounds of any living creature, aggravated or otherwise, simply by laying hands over the afflicted area. The Garou may not heal herself, spirits or the undead with this Gift. A bear- or unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift.

Black Furies of the Order of Our Merciful Mother camp can also learn this Gift.

Glass Walkers of the Wise Guys camp can also learn this Gift. Wise Guys using this Gift often recite Luke 17:19 when using it. And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.

System Edit

The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Medicine (difficulty of the wounded individual's Rage, or 6 for non-Garou; the minimum difficulty for this roll is 3, even the target's Rage is lower). Each success heals one health level. The Theurge may heal even Battle Scars in this manner if the Theurge uses the Gift in the same scene in which the scar was obtained and she spends a second Gnosis point. There is no limit to how many times this Gift may be used in a scene, but each use requires the expenditure of one Gnosis. Additionally, a person may only be healed by this gift once per scene, regardless of the caster.

Other terms for this gift are: Healing Tongue, Ganga's Caress, Rat Mother's Touch

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