Memory Circle (Rank 1)Edit

The Galliards are the Garou's historians, charged with committing the legends and tales of their people to memory, perfect memory. Not all of them are particularly good at it. Thankfully, this Gift gives those Galliards a chance to make up for their weaknesses by planting Umbral "reminders" on their person. This Gift is taught by an elephant-spirit.


This Gift is performed in two parts. When hearing words the Galliard wishes to remember perfectly, he spends one point of Gnosis. As this happens, the Storyteller should write down exactly what he's communicating to Umbral memory. Later, when he wishes to retrieve the memory, he may spend one point of Willpower and ask the Storyteller to read it back verbatim. The use of this Gift leaves tiny clear spheres matted within the Garou's fur that can be seen within the Umbra, the so-called "memory circles".

Should the Garou wish to remove a memory circle, they may do so simply by pulling it out of their fur while in the Umbra. Also, it is possible that a combat within the Umbra might break some of the circles (at the Storyteller's option).

Source: Player's Guide to Garou