Lover's Touch (Rank 3) Edit

The Garou can restore what another lacks: not only wounds healed, but also strength of will and even spiritual essence. Any spirit of love or avatar of Unicorn may teach this Gift.

System Edit

The Garou touches the afflicted person kindly; the system is the same as for Mother's Touch (difficulty target's Rage, even if it is 1; 6 for creatures without Rage). The two need not be lovers but the contact must convey affection and warmth; the two may embrace, one may caress the other or wrestle with him, or there may be further intimacy. The Garou spends a Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Medicine as usual; each success may restore one health level of damage, one point of Willpower, or one point of Essence (if the target is a spirit). The difficulty is the Rage or Willpower of the other person (whichever is higher). The player may choose to divide the successes among multiple pools; he need not choose to heal only wounds or Willpower. In all other respects, this Gift functions as Grandmother's Touch, save that it can be used on spirits (but, yet again, not undead).

Source: Children of Gaia Tribebook Revised