Kitten's Cry (Rank 1)Edit

Also called "Pathetamew" for its pitiful sound, this Gift imbues the werecat's voice with a tone so pathetic that anyone who hears it goes out of his way to comfort her. This compulsion extends to attackers, who break off hostilities unless they're attacked in return. Most Bastet consider this a dirty but useful trick.

System Edit

The Bastet's player rolls her Manipulation + Expression; the difficulty depends on the circumstances and the target. If the roll succeeds, the target immediately stops whatever he's doing and offers sympathy for the werecat's pain. Some folks, of course, have no pity in their hearts. The Gift inspires hard-souled enemies to torment the Bastet even more than they normally would.

Relationship Difficulty
Lover/relative 4
Friend 5
Passerby 6
Total Stranger 7
Rival 8
Enemy 9
Foe in combat 10

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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