Kitchen Chemistry (Rank 1) Edit

With ten minutes, a bit of rage, and everyday household chemicals, you can unleash a firestorm of vengeance against an uncaring world. You have a deep and instinctive understanding of the principles of modern chemistry, one that allows you to scratch-build and detonate explosives. (This Gift exists to cancel out the need for any sort of "realistic" explosive rules in the game.) Rat-spirits teach this Gift, occasionally with the help of a few furtive cranks on the Internet.

System Edit

One scene. One Rage. At least three household kitchen chemicals approved by the Storyteller. The result? An explosion inflicting an amount of aggravated damage equal to the character's permanent Rage. Detonating the explosives properly is the difficult part.

At the end of the scene in which the chemicals are cooked, the character attempts an Intelligence + Science roll (difficulty 6). With one success, the explosives will detonate at a specified date and time. Three successes allow them to be thrown (Dexterity + Athletics, distance equal to the Garou's Strength in yards) or triggered by remote (line of sight). Five successes allow for a complex trigger, such as a timed matchbox fuse, trip wire, weight-sensitive pressure plate, or sound of a particular television personality's voice. On a botch, of course, the bomb goes off in the Garou's face.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Revised

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