Judgment (Rank 2)Edit

The Red Talons of Whelp's Compromise are willing to let the humans who respect Gaia continue to exist. However, despite what some of their tribemates might accuse them of, they are not "soft" on transgressors against Her. With this Gift, the werewolf can judge a human according to the laws of Gaia and decide if she is living in accordance with the natural laws or not. A human who is living well is left alone. A human who is not is shown no mercy. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.

Red Talons of the Whelp's Compromise camp learn this Gift.


The Garou must lock eyes with the human to use this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Rituals (difficulty 7). With one success, the character only knows in the most black-and-white terms if the human respects Gaia (which doesn't necessarily say anything about her behavior). With three successes, the Garou knows both the human's attitude toward the natural world and how her behavior affects it ("This ape doesn't think about the environment, but does donate money to her local park because she wants her children to enjoy it"). With five successes, the character knows all of that and what she would have to do or say to get the human to live in accordance with Gaia. This can be as simple as "show the human how the world is really being treated" or as complex as "check up on her every week and make sure her home is spiritually clean." Of course, if the Red Talon decides it isn't worth the effort to train a human in what should come naturally, she might very well just remove the human from the world altogether and concentrate on those that are a bit more receptive to learning.

Source: Red Talons Tribebook Revised