Jam Technology (Rank 2) Edit

The werewolf can cause technological devices to cease functioning, albeit temporarily. Even the simplest of shaped objects will refuse to perform its function. A Gremlin - a type of Wyld-spirit that enjoys breaking things - teaches this Gift.

The Bastet also use this gift: Garou sensing for the Wyrm at this time will notice a slight shimmer coming from the werecat who uses this Gift, as the Bastet version invokes the power of Cahlash.

System Edit

The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Crafts. The werewolf may choose the level of complexity she intends to "jam." All technological devices (i.e., any devices shaped from fabricated materials like metal or plastic) of that complexity within 50 feet cease functioning for one turn per success. The devices remain unchanged but inert. Knives won't cut, gunpowder won't ignite, gears won't turn and so on. The difficulty of the roll is based on the following chart:

Device Difficulty
Computer 4
Phone 6
Automobile 8
Gun 9
Knife 10

Sources: 3rd ed WWtA Corebook, Glass Walkers Tribebook Revised, Bastet Breedbook