Icicle Hide (Rank 3)Edit

This Gift allows a character to transmute herself, and any clothing or unliving objects that she is touching, into a crystalline creature of thick, impenetrable ice. As the Wendigo's form grows suddenly transparent and metamorphoses into a rippling mobile statue, she truly takes on the essence of ice; as a result, she should avoid coming near any fire or source of heat, lest she find herself melting. Her body absorbs blows as solidly as any block of ice. The frozen Gaoru can still move, watch, listen, and use Gifts, but appears cold and unliving to standard and infrared observation. This Gift is taught by a polar bear-spirit.


The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Subterfuge. While in this ice-form, the character takes twice the damage from any heat-based attack, but is immune to cold damage (whether from the ambient temperature or from cold-based attacks). She also adds an additional point of lethal soak per success rolled. This Gift lasts for one scene, or until the werewolf wills herself to thaw. The freezing transformation is immediate, but the thawing procedure requires an entire turn.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook Revised