Ice Echo (Rank 1)Edit

Werewolves with this Gift can conjure a perfect duplicate reflection of themselves, an image that is completely identical to the eye and ear. The Wendigo can control the image easily, giving it voice and guiding its motion, as if she is regarding her own reflection in a sheet of ice. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.


A character with this Gift may spend a point of Gnosis to summon the Ice Echo, which lasts for the remainder of the scene or until the werewolf dismisses it. The Echo sounds and moves exactly like the Garou, as well as taking on an exact mirror image of her current appearance. However, it does not give off scent or heat, and is intangible, making it only useful for confusing the casual observer. Another werewolf within fifty feet of the Echo, or downwind of it, may notice that it has no scent, or may notice that the Echo is a mirror image, if they have met the Wendigo before. Any such attempts to reveal the Ice Echo for what it is are checked by making a Perception + Enigmas roll against a difficulty of the Wendigo's Gnosis.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook Revised