Ice Dance (Rank 1)Edit

This Gift is a legacy of the tribe's deep roots in Russia and the frozen north. The Wyrm often chooses its battlegrounds with cunning, using Gaia's own snow and ice against Her defenders. This Gift allows the Fangs to face the Wyrm on equal terms, or even turn Gaia's own beauty to their advantage by moving freely across snow and ice, as if it was a flat plain of green grass. An ice elemental teaches this Gift.


The player spends a single Gnosis point to activate this Gift. Its effects then last until the next sunrise. All Dexterity-based rolls while on ice or snow are at -1 difficulty and the werewolf may move at normal speed across both deep snow and ice. As this is a Gift of balance, Philodox gain more from it than most: their Dexterity rolls on snow and ice are at -2 difficulty and they may double their normal running speed when they are on snow or ice.

Source: Silver Fangs Tribebook Revised