I Got A Rock (Rank 2) Edit

Instead of throwing a weapon to cause greater injury, the werewolf throws projectiles with greater accuracy. This Gift is taught by an air-spirit.

System Edit

Large or unwieldy objects are usually more difficulty to throw than aerodynamic ones; this is reflected by a greater difficulty on the Dexterity + Athletics rolls to chuck it. In the turn this Gift is used, the Garou burns one Gnosis. The difficulty to throw an object is then 4, no matter how awkward it is to throw. If the Garou can lift it, he can throw it. The Storyteller may still increase the difficulty because of range or other modifiers, but with this Gift, a motorcycle becomes as aerodynamic as a baseball. Note that a werewolf can't use Stone-Throwing Devil and I Got A Rock in the same turn (one requires Rage and the other requires Gnosis). Also note that throwing a motorcycle like you'd throw a curve ball or knuckleball shreds the Veil.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Revised

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