Hootenanny (Rank 2) Edit

Bone Gnawer Hillfolk invented this Gift, and they've been teaching it to Galliards everywhere. A good old-fashioned hootenanny involves music played really fast and incredibly well -- "Dueling Banjos" is currently the most common song used with it.

While a Garou enacts this performance, every werewolf in his pack finds it easier to run, fight, jump, or perform any other rapid, strenuous physical activity. Unfortunately, everyone who hears the performance feels like dancing - they might stomp their feet, clap to the music, and even dance around if the music's good enough. This gives the pack a decided edge in combat. With this Gift, a pack of Hillfolk and a Galliard with a banjo can tear up a whole room full of fomori and Black Spirals with one hell of a square dance. This Gift is taught by an ancestor-spirit, usually one that looks and acts like a Galliard. Some Galliards claim this Gift is taught by the ghost of Elvis, but no one believes them.

System Edit

When the hootenanny starts, the Garou using it spends a Gnosis, rolls Manipulation + Performance, and plays fast-paced, raucous music on a musical instrument. If the character scores three successes on the first turn, the Gift is activated; if he doesn't, he can continue to attempt the roll each turn until he does. For the duration of one scene, as long as he continues to perform, each Garou in his pack can add three extra dice to any Dexterity + Brawl or Athletics dice pool. A packmate can add these dice to only one action each round, or he may divide them among multiple actions, but he cannot use more than three bonus dice from this Gift in a turn.

Any enemies listening should make Willpower rolls when this power is activated. If an opponent hearing the music can't score at least three successes on this roll, raise the difficulty of all his Dexterity + Brawl or Athletics dice pools by 2. (Melee and Firearm dice pools are not affected by this Gift.)

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Revised

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