Honor Pact (Rank 3)Edit

This is another of Helios' Gifts that allows diplomacy between even the most intransigent of opponents. For the Gift to work, though, all parties involved in the negotiation must agree to its use willingly, even if they consider their position fixed and room for debate to be minimal. Participants must show their willingness by spilling their own blood and mingling it with that of the other participant's, usually by slicing open their palms and shaking hands. Helios does not consider those creatures without blood or with toxic or damaging blood worthy of his Gift and they cannot participate. Each participant then swears an oath to both Falcon and Helios to work with her fellow participants to find a solution. This forges spiritual bonds between all involved, preventing them from acting against one another's interests and hopefully allowing a conclusion to the negotiations that suits and benefits all.

On occasions, a pack with a Sun Lodge member will use this Gift to prevent minions of the Defiler Wyrm turning one packmate against another. Helios allows a Child of Karnak to teach this Gift.

Silver Fangs of the Sun Lodge may learn this Gift.


Each participant must spend three Gnosis, while the player of the user of the Gift spends four Gnosis. All players (and the Storyteller, if a Storyteller character is participating) make a Charisma + Rituals roll (difficulty 7). If the rolls succeed, all Social rolls between the group are at -2 difficulty. The players should also roleplay the lack of antagonism and care for each other's interests with the guidance of the Storyteller, who has final say on what this entails.

The effects of the Gift are permanent, unless one of the participants breaks faith. Servants of Falcon and Helios immediately set upon the character that does so, burning and tearing at her for five health levels of aggravated damage. If the character survives, she is marked as an oath breaker, as per the Stone of Scorn rite. Repeated arguments or petty fights between the participants will erode the Gift's effects over time, at the Storyteller's discretion. The only way to strengthen an eroded Pact is to perform the whole process again.

Any servant of the Defiler Wyrm who tries to corrupt or turn those under the Honor Pact is at +3 difficulty to any roll related to the action.

Source: Silver Fangs Tribebook Revised